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Emerging Risks
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Eric Chaney
AXA Group Chief Economist and Head of AXA IM Research
10/7/2014   |   4 min. 1 sec.

According to AXA experts, the emerging risks of economic and financial nature will have the highest impact in the coming 5-10 years on the society at large. Macro-economic disruptions, mismanagement of public debt & budget deficit, and market risks are deemed themost...

Central banks still in charge
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Franz Wenzel
Chief Economist, AXA IM
23/6/2014   |   3 min. 7 sec.

The current economic recovery combined with an accommodating monetary policy argue in favour of risky assets. Yet, the emergence of geopolitical risks are certainly not negligible.

Investment Roundtable discussion
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Sorca Kelly-Scholte
Russell Investments
Irshaad Ahmad
Head of UK and Nordics, AXA IM
John Porter
Global Head of Fixed Income, AXA IM
Yoram Lustig
Head of Investment Team, AXA IM
15/5/2014   |   47 min. 12 sec.

Roundtable discussion moderated by Irshaad Ahmad, Head of UK and Nordics, AXA IM.

The Right Stuff
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Vincent Reinhart
Chief US Economist, Morgan Stanley
15/5/2014   |   22 min. 44 sec.

Vincent Reinhart shares his views about the Fed policy over the past years, and what the Fed has wrought.

The benefits of QE will not be justified by the costs
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Stephen Li Jen
Managing Director SLJ Macro Partners
15/5/2014   |   30 min. 1 sec.

Since Stephen Jen is critical of the Quantitative Easing policies, his thoughts usefully contrast with Vincent Reinhart's analysis.