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ESG Outlook – 2013 Key Topics for Investors - Headline Risk and Remuneration
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Matt Christensen
Global Head of Responsible Investment, AXA IM
07/3/2013   |   22 min. 26 sec.

RI Global Head, Matt Christensen, discusses the most important trends in 2013 that clients should monitor around Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks.Find out more information about AXA IM Responsible Investment

Outlook for the Paris office market
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Justin Curlow
Senior Research Analyst, AXA Real Estate
14/2/2013   |   4 min. 25 sec.

Justin Curlow, Senior Research Analyst at AXA Real Estate presents an outlook on the Paris office marketKey highlights :- France’s economic outlook has deteriorated as the fiscal adjustment process and structural reforms get underway- The austerity programme includes...

2013, Year of global healing
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Eric Chaney
Chief economist AXA Group and Head of Research AXA IM
Franz Wenzel
Chief Strategist, AXA IM
17/12/2012   |   4 min. 43 sec.

Eric Chaney and Franz Wenzel present the 2013 Outlook in which they explain why 2013 should be a year of global healing and why this should be beneficial for risky assets in general and equities in particular.A substantial deleveraging of the US consumer as well as...

2013, la convalescence
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Eric Chaney
Chef économiste du Groupe AXA et Directeur de la Recherche AXA IM
Franz Wenzel
Chef de la Stratégie, AXA IM
17/12/2012   |   4 min. 11 sec.

Eric Chaney et Franz Wenzel présentent les Perspectives pour 2013. Ils expliquent pourquoi 2013 devrait être une année de convalescence et en quoi cela devrait bénéficier aux actifs risqués en général, et aux actions en particulier.Le désendettement des ménages...

Solvency II has and will make corporate bonds more expensive
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Mathilde Sauvé
Insurance Solutions Strategist, Multi Asset Client Solutions, AXA IM
Mathieu L’Hoir
Equity Strategist, Research & Investment Strategy, AXA IM
Eric Chaney
Chief economist AXA Group and Head of Research AXA IM
28/11/2012   |   4 min. 38 sec.

Many papers have been already published on the impact of Solvency II on the investment strategy of Insurers. Mathilde Sauvé Insurance Solutions Strategist AXA IM and Mathieu L’Hoir Equity Strategist AXA IM go one step further and analyse the impact of the 500 bn of asset...