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Market Outlook
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Eric Chaney
Chief Economist, AXA Group, Head of Research, AXA IM
31/10/2013   |   2 min. 32 sec.

A market outlook by Eric Chaney : 1. Do you think the Fed will start tapering soon and what will be the impact on the markets? 2. Is the euro crisis really over? Aren’t banks at risk? 3. Do you still see emerging markets as a convincing alternative to developed markets, for...

ESG Outlook - 3rd Quarter 2013
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Senior RI Analyst, AXA IM

“Shale gas, energy mix& global competitiveness – How does a responsible investor select equities?” Listen to a brief overview on our thoughts on the energy market as Pierre Stiennon of our Responsible Investment team gives us an update on this market segment. The...

Macro Economic Outlook with Eric Chaney : QE - The Beginning of the End
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Eric Chaney
Chief economist AXA Group and Head of Research AXA IM

On the heels of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting where the Fed may announce the beginning of operation ‘tapering’, Eric will share his views on US monetary policy, the US economy, the global recovery and what it implies for financial assets. Find out more...

ESG Outlook - 2nd Quarter 2013
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Shade Duffy
Senior Responsible Investment Analyst, AXA IM

Shade Duffy focuses on diversity within Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks for this second quarter outlook of 2013. Find out more information about AXA IM Responsible Investment

Investment Strategy: Weathering Volatility
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Franz Wenzel
Chief Strategist, AXA IM
17/6/2013   |   3 min. 9 sec.

Franz Wenzel talks about the global economic outlook and what are the consequences from this analysis in terms of Investment Strategy. Find out more about AXA IM Research Download our Investment Strategy: Weathering volatility