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2015 and beyond
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Alan Patterson
Global Head, Research and Strategy, AXA Real Estate
Monika Ward
Deputy Head, Research and Strategy, AXA Real Estate
19/2/2015   |   5 min. 51 sec.

Adrian Darnell interviews Alan Patterson (Global Head of Research & Strategy) and Monika Ward (Deputy Head of Research & Strategy) to ascertain their views on the overall performance of the European commercial real estate market in 2015 and beyond. Further prime property...

Outlook 2015
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Eric Chaney
Head of Research AXA IM and Chief Economist AXA Group
Franz Wenzel
Chief Strategist, AXA IM
09/1/2015   |   6 min. 20 sec.

The sharp decline of the oil price implies stronger than expected growth and is a welcome support for risky assets.

Winning sub-markets for London offices
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Monika Ward
Deputy Head of Research and Strategy, AXA Real Estate
Dave Lowery
Senior Research Analyst, AXA Real Estate
11/12/2014   |   5 min. 2 sec.

• London is significantly outperforming not only the rest of the UK in terms of economic growth, but is also outperforming other European cities • In this video we discuss whether the office occupier market is likely to be strong enough to absorb potential supply and...

Higher volatility is here to stay
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Mathieu L'Hoir
Strategist, AXA IM
Ombretta Signori
Strategist, AXA IM
30/10/2014   |   4 min. 41 sec.

Ombretta Signori and Mathieu L’Hoir examine what is implied by macro fundamentals for market volatility, currently and in 2015.

Real estate in a low inflation environment
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Alan Patterson
Global Head of Research and Strategy, AXA Real Estate
20/10/2014   |   3 min. 37 sec.

In this video, Alan Patterson discusses the implications of a low inflation environment on real estate investment and performance. Low inflation is evident across Europe and has the potential to influence the cost of land and construction, as well as rental values and capital...