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Outlook on the European Retail Property Market
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Alan Patterson
Global Head of Research & Strategy, AXA Real Estate
12/11/2013   |   3 min. 2 sec.

Secular and cyclical shifts for retail property. Retail real estate is undergoing one of the most fundamental shifts in living memory. - The austerity government programmes across Europe are having a cyclical depressing effect on retail sales, but there will be long-term...

Outlook for the UK Real Estate Market
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Monika Ward
Deputy Head of Research & Strategy, AXA Real Estate
04/7/2013   |   3 min. 59 sec.

Monika Ward, Deputy Head of Research & Strategy at AXA Real Estate presents an outlook on the United-Kingdom Real Estate market Key highlights :- Increasing caution should be exercised in respect of prime property, particularly in this scenario of rising bond yields- UK...

Retail will never be the same again
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Adrian D’Enrico
European Property Analyst, AXA Real Estate
11/12/2012   |   3 min. 46 sec.

Adrian D’Enrico, European Property Analyst at AXA Real Estate, looks at the impact that internet is having on dynamics in European retail property markets. Key highlights :- Online retail is no longer a marginal sales channel and its pace of growth will see online capture...